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Easily transfer tokens and coins between various blockchains

Transfer Assets
Ethereum Ethereum
Binance smart chain Binance smart chain
Polygon Polygon
Solana Solana
Avalanche Avalanche
Huobi Eco Chain Huobi Eco Chain
Celo Celo
Terra Terra soon

Allbridge is a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between networks. It's a decentralized, modular, and expanding token bridge with on-chain consensus. Transfer ERC20, SPL, and many more tokens in a few clicks.

Our awards

Solana Season Hackathon

HAPI Prize

HAPI Prize

Velas Prize

Velas Prize

Cross-chain system with Solana in its heart.

Cross-chain system with speed and transparency

Allbridge consensus runs on-chain. It gives us transparency and accountability while keeping validator consensus quick and inexpensive to run. (Under development).

Modular is the way to go.

Low transaction fee due to one-signature confirmation

Even though a majority of validators have to confirm every bridge transaction, only one signature from a validator is enough for a transfer. This is achieved by validators checking not only incoming but also outgoing transactions in the networks they support. (Under Development).

Consensus is necessary. One signature is enough.

Modular is the way to go

Not all blockchains are created equal. Some are not so widespread, the others are quite expensive to operate. All are welcome to Allbridge. Validators can pick and choose which blockchain they want to support. Blockchains can incentivize validators for better coverage.

All the tokens are allowed.

All the tokens are allowed.

Everybody can add a token to the Allbridge via our interface. Stake our token, add yours and give your holders the ability to move it to the different blockchains. (Under development).

Pay and earn. At the same time.

Pay and earn.
At the same time.

Stake our token to pay Allbridge validators for their services. Receive rewards from the fees accumulated by the bridge. (Under development).

Do not hesitate. Validate.

Do not hesitate.

It does not take much to start validating for Allbridge. Pick a blockchain, go through the DAO approval process and start earning from the bridge fees. Do not forget to check out incentivization offers from the new blockchains joining Allbridge. (Under development).