Swap stablecoins

Cross-Chain Stablecoin Swap

Allbridge Core offers a native stablecoin bridging experience, enabling seamless cross-chain swaps between EVM and non-EVM blockchains.

Swap Stablecoins

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Allbridge Core features

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Liquidity pools

Allbridge Core offers native stablecoin swaps by keeping liquidity pools for each supported asset on every chain.

  • iconBridge without wrapped tokens
  • iconSingle-asset liquidity provision
  • iconLP rewards in native stablecoins

Integrate with Allbridge Core

allbridge core sdk

Allbridge Core SDK

  • Integrate our bridging solution directly into your product
  • Pay in native stablecoins from a variety of different networks
  • Benefit from our referral program
Integration guide
allbridge core widget

Allbridge Core Widget

  • Streamline the integration process with our Widget
  • Widget embeds Allbridge Core functionality into the existing web app
  • Referral program extends to our Widget partners
Access widget

How to transfer stablecoins?

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    1. Select network and token

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    2. Enter the amount and the receiving address

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    3. Confirm the transaction

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Allbridge Core reports


Allbridge Public Reports

These are monthly reports created by the Allbridge team that cover the key milestones, achievements, and metrics for every month.

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Messari: Allbridge Core

“Allbridge: Stablecoin Bridging, Unwrapped” gives an overview of Allbridge Core. Messari is the leading provider of crypto market intelligence products.

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Quarkslab: Allbridge Core

Quarkslab audited our Soroban implementation for Allbridge Core. Learn more about their findings in the report summary.

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A new collaboration with the Quarkslab team on Estrela, an AMM built on Soroban. Access the report to find out more about the security findings.

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Kudelski Security: Allbridge Core

We've collaborated with Kudelski Security to perform the security audit of Allbridge Core. Access the full report summary for details.

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