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  • icon EVM and non-EVM chains

    Allbridge Classic supports cross-chain transfers between EVM (Ethereum, Polygon) and non-EVM compatible (Solana, Stellar) blockchains

  • icon The fastest transfers

    Every transfer involves 2 transactions: on the source and destination chains. The transfer takes only as much time as is required by the given blockchains to confirm it

  • icon No limits

    Allbridge supports native tokens transfers, as well as the mint-and-burn method, which allows transferring millions of dollars at a time

  • icon Flexible transfer fees

    The dynamic fee system allows Allbridge stakers to decrease transfer fee

  • icon Security

    Our contracts have been thoroughly audited by the leading security companies like Hacken, Kudelski Security and Cossack Labs

  • icon User-friendly design

    Bridge's straightforward design makes it simple and intuitive to transfer assets between various chains

Supported blockchains and tokens

How to bridge with Allbridge Classic?

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    1. Select source and destination blockchains and choose the asset

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    2. Indicate the receiving address and input the sending amount

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    3. Confirm the transaction to initiate the cross-chain transfer

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Allbridge Classic reports


Allbridge Public Reports

These are monthly reports created by the Allbridge team that cover the key milestones, achievements, and metrics for every month.

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Messari: Allbridge Classic

“From Burning Bridges to Allbridges” report was published by Messari - the leading provider of crypto market intelligence products.

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Kudelski Security: Allbridge Classic

Kudelski Security is a premier cybersecurity provider that has audited Allbridge. Find out the audit summary in Kudelski's report.

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Cossack Labs Report: Allbridge Classic

Cossack Labs is an experienced cybersecurity company that has audited Allbridge. More details are available in the executive summary.

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